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The best diet to lose a lot of weight

I was asked recently, “What is the diet when you have a lot of weight to lose?” In thinking how to respond, I realized we all know that we should- eat healthy food, not too much, and move more. What this person was really asking me was not what to do but how to lose weight. For me, weight loss is a mental game. I have found that I need to set goals with deadlines and have a high level of accountability to be successful. I also have to hit a wall of some sort, for example, my favorite outfit that will not zip and G*d d*mmit, I’m NOT buying the next size up or a social event that I skipped because I didn’t feel comfortable in my body to go out in public. When I hit that low point, I have to GO ALL IN. I work my weight loss as if it is a second job. I increase my exercise, scheduling an extra day or two with my personal trainer. I enlist friends to go to the gym with me instead of meeting up for coffee. I check in with my dietitian and/or attend her weight loss support group meeting (if you have a lot of weight to lose and have health insurance, you may qualify for a dietician). I track my food intake and weight using My Fitness Pal. Some people do not need this level of effort and can “just” cut back. However, with a 95% recidivism rate for people who lose significant weight gaining it back, I realize that I can’t go it alone. Alone is what got me to over 250 lbs. So if you want to lose weight, ask yourself- how? What are you doing today, tomorrow and the next day-- Are you ALL IN?

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